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Each loaf of delicious bread is made from scratch in our bakery. Select from our wide variety of options, including:

SWEDISH RYE (Limpa) - traditional soft and tender rye with a hint of molasses.

DARK RYE (Rugbrød) - dense and flavorful with sunflower and flax seeds. 

KNEIPPBRØD - Norway's traditional wheat bread, with a touch of rye flour.

CARDAMOM ROLLS - cardamom infused, with or without raisins. 

CARDAMOM BRAID- a soft bread infused with cardamom and topped with pearl sugar.

CHALLAH BRAID - a traditional rich and smooth textured egg bread. Available Friday's. 

cardamom rolls

SOURDOUGH - a soft, open bread with a strong sourdough kick. 

RUSTIC FARM - chewy crust with a soft interior. 

BAGUETTE - traditional or rosemary sea salt. 

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