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Scandinavian Offerings

Throughout the year, we offer hand-crafted Scandinavian delicacies. Some of our favorites include:

KRINGLE - layers of buttery Danish pastry, filled with sweet almond and raisins, and topped with sugared almonds. 

LEFSE - soft potato flatbread, delicious with butter and brown sugar or jam.

KRANSEKAGE - traditional Scandinavian celebration cake, made from sweet almond dough with a crisp crust and a soft, moist interior. Wheat-free. 

CARDAMOM BRAID- a soft bread infused with cardamom and topped with pearl sugar.

CROWN COFFEE CAKES - available in almond, cinnamon, apricot, and marionberry. 

SWEDISH RYE (Limpa) - traditional soft and tender rye with a hint of molasses. 

DARK RYE (Rugbrød) - dense and flavorful with sunflower and flax seeds. 

Cardamom Braids
almond cc
Swedish Rye
Dark Rye
swedish gooey
Apricot Almond Mazerin
IMG_9893 2
Viking Shortbread
Pepparkakor (seasonal)

PRINCESS CAKE - light sponge cake, layered with raspberry jam, vanilla custard, and freshly whipped cream. Covered with green marzipan. A Swedish Tradition! 

SWEDISH GOOEY CAKE - Rich, gooey, chocolate-y. Also known as Kladdkaka. Wheat-free.

MAZARINE TART - Almond frangipane tart topped and twice-baked with almond and raspberry or apricot jam. 

SEMLA - a soft, fluffy cardamom bun hallowed out with almond filling and a mound of freshly whipped cream.

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